Welcome to Om Padma

Om Padma is a yoga and wellbeing company inspired by the colours of India, beach and mountain living. In 2007 Lou Tilbury, founder of Om Padma, moved from London to Cornwall to live a free spirited, yoga lifestyle on the beach. Lou now lives in Devon by the River Dart with her dog, Frank.

Om Padma was borne out of a passion for textiles, print and yoga. Alongside our popular range of yoga bags, Om Padma has launched a new fine wool lotus embroidered shawl, perfect for savasana or mediation.

Om Padma is a call to women to stand in their power.  Om is the mantra of sacred spirituality, the breath of the Universe, Padma is the lotus flower, with its roots in the mud of everyday life but floating above with grace and serenity. 

Om Padma yoga bags and accessories are consciously sourced in India from the finest qualty natural materials.